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What is the
Panebianco Family Foundation?

The Panebianco Family Foundation was established in order to give back to those who truly drive the vitality of the world we live in - our community. Founded in 2020, the PFF proactively supports the efforts of organizations who are fundamentally focused on helping people who need it most.

How is the Panebianco Family Foundation Contributing to this year’s “Fetch The Ball” Tournament?

The PFF has offered to match up to $35,000 of the total raised.

How do I send in a donation to be matched by the PFF?

All donation checks should be written out to The Panebianco Family Foundation.

Can donors promote their charitable contributions for marketing purposes?

Yes! Sponsors can take all the credit for their donation plus the PFF’s matched amount.

Are these donations tax-deductible?

Absolutely! All donors will receive documentation in the form of a tax letter from The Panebianco Family Foundation stating that their donation was made in full for the purpose of supporting Freedom Service Dogs of America. Just be aware that donors will receive tax credit for the original amount of their donation only, not the matching portion provided by the PFF.

*Donation letters will be mailed out at the conclusion of the event.

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